Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lisa Schottenfeld for Poet Laureate

Lisa Schottenfeld of Camp Summit, Wurtsboro, NY is the camp equivalent of Allen Ginsberg... she sent in this crisp photo spread, accompanied by the below, which we present verbatim. If you went to camp, it will read like poetry. In Schottenfeld's words, the purpose of camp was not to be pretty or put together but to have a pre-grunge disheveled meets Gunnie Sax, Little House on the Prairie type look. Shoes were LL Bean Bluchurs, nails and lips bare and hair was long and stringy but always in a side part flipped to the “wrong side” so your equilibrium looked off."

“Qui-et please. Dedicated to the senior boys. We’ve
seen better balls on the tennis courts.”
“Qui-et please. Dedicated to the senior girls. We’ve
seen better breasts on chickens.”

Hair = Bangs = High, sprayed bangs.
Regardless of destination or time of day; breakfast,
free play, rest hour, canteen; the bangs were sprayed
high and slanted to one side so you looked like your
equilibrium was off.

Product used
Pump (not aerosol) Aussie or Sebastian
One girl used Flex but we made fun of her

Lips like Sugar. Who didn’t want their tans to look
darker at any given opportunity? It was the make-up
equivalent of wearing white (or neon) your first day
back at school after Spring Break to see your Nanny in
Florida. Don’t forget to take your Swatch off and ask
your boyfriend, “who’s tanner?”

Products used
Revlon Zinc Pink or Frosted Brownie
Wet n Wild came in second, always. Same girl who
brought Flex, getting the picture?

WE are the champions! THE champion sweatshirt. 11 out
of the 13 girls in that picture is wearing one!!!! I
had blue, grey, white, black and lt blue with and
without the C logo. All purchased at or in the
vicinity of Paragon sports on 18th and Broadway or at
Wings in NYC. The other crucial components of the
sweat and go look were the bulky socks.

E.J. socks or E.J.”s as we called them have not been
called out in any communication I’ve seen. Maybe it
was a long island thing. Being from NYC I could never
find them so all my friends the 5 towns would have to
lend to me.

Brands used (seen and unseen)
Champion and EJ’s. A softer look was the great
sweatshirt with the neck cut out and a pink tank
peeping through Naf Naf (aqua blue jackets to match John Taylor’s
eyes) and cotton candy tissue cotton shorts. ACA JOE.
Im disappointed no one has the ACA Joe logo tee on in
these pics. They all had them, especially the boys.
Ellesse, Le Coq Sportif, Guess jeans were the coolest. Ankle zips or the
inside-out pocket with dark denim on the outside
flipped outwards to reveal the acid washed underbelly.

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