Thursday, May 15, 2008

Five Ways To Decorate Your Bunk and Influence People

Few places on earth have more of a fixed social hierarchy than a bunk of adolescent girls at an American Summer camp in the 1980’s. On the first day at camp, once the storage bins had been stuffed to the gills with Esprit and Fiorucci, the Jackie Collins and Sweet Valley High books had all been neatly shelved, there one last way to elbow your way into right clique before your fate was sealed for the entire summer. Unfurling the right poster on the first day was the last way your could announce your cool and ensure that you would spend a summer in the in-crowd.

Rob Lowe circa Youngblood (above) where he appeared in publicity posters wearing a mesh crop-top, exposing his abs.

Anyone from Beverley Hills 90210, cut straight from the centerfold of YM magazine. Luke Perry or Shannon Doherty would score you maximum bona fides. It was acceptable to be equally obsessed with both male and female thesbians.

Michael Jackson circa Thriller This was the kind of man all the boys wanted to be, and all the girls wanted to be with.

Dirty Dancing. Every camper knew that you can’t put baby in the corner and there were few actresses who more young girls identified with than the beautiful, and talented, Jennifer Grey.

And best of all: A metal mouth poster depicting the correct way to keep your braces on, given to you for the summer by your orthodontist.

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Admin said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.