Friday, May 9, 2008

The smell of summer: a sensory trip down memory lane

There were few better places on earth for radical male bonding to occur than in the boys bunk at Summer Camp. This was the spot where many of us changed from boys to men thanks to communal stash of porn that was used medicinally like an iron lung, and the infinite supply of under the shirt over the bra action that was the girls side. Amidst the peculiar stench of pinewood, wet towels, urine, and Deep Heat that was the boys bunk, it is important to remember that Summer Camp was where many of us discovered our first aftershave, despite the fact that we were light years from actually using a razor. Let us remember the below with olfactory respect...

Drakkar Noir

The classic. Never applied directly onto the skin. Rather, sprayed in a mist that was then walked through. The true gentleman would have two of his friends spray bottles from either side to ensure that application was even.

Old Spice

Standard issue. This was the one you would desperately douse all over your self before leaving the bunk in the evening.

Hai Karate

No fragrance announced your desperate intent to get to second base than this. The Colt 45 malt liquor of aftershaves.

Cool Water

Particularly useful if your clothing had body odor, just splash liberally on garment itself, and BO would magically seem to disappear.

Mennem Speed Stick

Technically a deodorant but nevertheless de rigueur. Applied all over the body like a waxy fragrance. Coat ball bag twice.

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